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MTW Industries was founded by Brent Fisher and Dean Gluch in August of 2005 out of a small farm shop, on a dirt road in Central Michigan.  With backgrounds in agriculture, fabrication, and automotive maintenance and repair, the two initially started out doing welding projects for local farmers as well as projects in on road and offroad motorsports.  This led to design, production, and sales of aftermarket roll cage kits for utility vehicles around the world.

By 2009 MTW had outgrown the small, 2,500 square foot farm shop and moved into a 5,500 square foot building in the City of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.  There the company continued to grow and hired its first employee.  By 2011 a 2,000 square foot addition was added to the building that was being leased and the first large pieces of equipment were purchased.  This purchase included a 5-axis large format CNC plasma table and a 400-ton press brake.  The motto was “Build it and they will come”.  By this time the company had moved away from the motor sports industry and was focused strictly on fabrication and light manufacturing for local companies.  Slowly more employees were hired and in 2015 Bob Campbell joined the company as a partner and outside sales representative.  With the growth that followed, MTW began operating multiple shifts and expanding its customer base to include the following industries: agriculture, forestry and reclamation, structural steel for residential and commercial construction, oil and gas, mining and excavating, and some defense work.

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In 2019 the company began looking for a larger space to grow into as it had already outgrown the Mt. Pleasant location.  A second building was leased in Rosebush, Michigan that provided a much-needed assembly space in the interim while a suitable expansion site was being sought after.  In late summer of 2020 after forming a partnership with the Rogers Group, the purchase of a closed retail store and property had been finalized and full renovation was underway to make the location suitable for the company’s needs.  In mid-December of 2021, MTW Industries, Inc. moved into its new headquarters in Clare, Michigan with 5,600 square feet of office space, 22,000 square feet of manufacturing space, 10,000 square feet of assembly space, and 8,000 square feet of warehouse space respectively.  The additional space allowed the company to become more efficient and had the space needed to accommodate a 10kw Mazak fully automated sheet and plate laser that was installed in October of 2022.  With the acquisition of this state-of-the-art machine, MTW was able to further increase its capacity and efficiency as a contract manufacturer in the Central Michigan area the provides services to customers throughout the United States.


To this date, MTW Industries, Inc’s core objective is to build strong relationships with its customers and provide the highest quality products efficiently and cost competitively.  Contact us to see what MTW can do to care of your needs and remember, “Imagination is the Limitation of Creativity”.

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