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Core Values

At MTW Industries, Inc. we are committed to creating and maintaining an ethical business culture based on our core values. “MTW Way” defines our essence as a company and our collective commitment to what it means to be part of MTW. It is up to each of us to put those values into action in everything that we do.

MTW is a company of high integrity, we value and continuously strive to deliver reliable solutions and responsive services to our customers. We do this basing our everyday decisions and

actions on the highest ethical standards.

INTEGERTY Honesty, Ethics, Transparency and Accountability

RESPECT Safety, Health, Teamwork, Diversity, Inclusion and Performance

IMPROVEMENT Quality, Problem-Solving, Continuous Improvement Culture and Collaboration

SERVANT LEADERSHIP Service to Others, Humility, Authenticity and Leading by Example

COURAGE Willingness to Take Risks, Responsibility, Action and Empowerment

CITIZENSHIP Social Responsibility and Environmental Stewardship

The reputation of MTW is formed by the relationships that we have with our customers, team members and the community in which we work and live.

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