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Automated Sheet & Plate Laser Cutting System

MTW’s 10Kw Mazak laser features state-of-the-art variable beam fiber laser technology which achieves high speed and high-quality cutting. The result is optimal laser-cutting performance in a wide range of materials.  Automated laser provides flexible integrated manufacturing system have the capacity to handle 72” x 144” sheets and can cut material up to maximum thickness of 1″ of carbon steel, 1 ¼” stainless steel, 1 ¼” aluminum and many other materials upon request and with testing.

Dimensional accuracy and repeatability can be held to within ±0.003″ in both thick and thin materials when needed.  Overall accuracy is dependent on material type, thickness, and part geometry.

Our material handling system provides the most economical option by means of storing up to 30,000 pounds of raw material, allowing the laser to run 24 hours each day.  Depending on material thickness and part details, MTW’s laser has the ability to process 45,000 pounds of carbon steel in a 72 hour period.

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